Permanent Weight Loss using
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How Weight Loss with
Cell Command Therapy® Hypnosis works

Our technique is to release the psychological causes for weight without bringing up negative emotion. We do this while the client is in trance with suggestions given that they will release going back to the seed experience that gave their mind the perception of needing extra padding. Since the subconscious is like a computer, with the suggestions given that they will go to a timeframe only if negative emotion is involved; the client never experiences abreaction. They release the old program before we re-program using strong, empowering positive suggestion.

Our program is built strongly around self love and the ability to be around others without their affecting the client negatively. We use automatic signals to assist with their subconscious re-enforcing self love, safety, focus, calm, and feeling good whether they are alone or with others.

After the releasing of causes, we use only positive suggestion for the re-programming. Because we teach out of state and around the country, we developed a CD and tape series that will strongly re-enforce this new program. One set works on the physical body through the endocrine and thyroid, assists the mind-body to speed up the metabolism, and reprograms the subconscious towards food that is good for them and liquids that are good for them.

The second series works on rejuvenation of the mind and body. The third series goes straight for behavior: Loving their diet, loving to exercise, and loving to drink water. We have some stories of students who have been very successful with the process of beginning to work on their weight in class through releasing blocks to self love, reprogramming for self love, and having releasing sessions in class. Few of them worked in extra private sessions. They worked with a tape or CD series and used self hypnosis.

Successful Weight Loss clients using
Cell Command Therapy® Hypnosis

Pat before weight loss

Pat after losing 42 lbs.

Pat, 72 lbs lighter

Pat, today 80 lbs lighter

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Even More weight loss Success stories

They have all had wonderful success. The picture on the right below is the after picture. Melody Adair is an art teacher. She is vivacious, kind, humorous, and, at a very young age had health problems that revolved around being overweight. In the class, she also had some scary times with a diagnosis that revolved around the possibility of congestive heart failure. In our classes, Melody worked on releasing blocks to self love and being around others without their affecting you negatively. She also worked on health issues in the cell command class ™. She bought tapes since we did not have CD's at that time.

The picture on the left is Melody during one of our classes, before the weight loss. The picture on the right is a picture of Melody and her son one and one half years after the class. She has lost about 130 lbs. and her health is wonderful now. No heart problems and looking good.


Melody and
her son now

The next former student is: Wanda Peabody. Wanda is a former teacher as is her husband. When she took our classes, she started with 95 more lbs than she finished with at the end of classes. Wanda was very committed during the year of classes. As soon as she learned self-hypnosis, she started working with herself with self-hypnosis and our tape series since we did not have CD's at that time. She started losing weight.

She had some in-class releasing sessions with other students, but never had a formal private session. At the end of the year, she had lost 95 lbs.

She and her husband, Pat, opened Mind, Body, and Soul in Bay City, Texas. You can look at her site at She does many other things other than hypnosis; however, she is an excellent hypnotist. Pat retired from teaching and is a wonderful manager of the business and writes a newsletter extraordinaire.

Wanda Peabody in hypnosis

Judy Dugas and her friend, Shelby Richey took our full program. They came back for the Tree Drawing interpretation class a little over a year after graduation and we did not recognize them. They lost weight and years…about 15 years in age from the weight loss. Judy lost 95 lbs and all her family members lost significant amounts because they ate what she cooked. Shelby lost 67 lbs. and looked wonderful. This is a before picture for Judy…we will have to ask for an updated picture and we realize we should have run for the camera when they returned for class.

Judy Dugas before weight loss

The following picture is of Alice Cagle after she found a gold coin that she had lost. She was a demonstration subject and was worked with by another student in the Forensic class to find this very valuable and sentimentally valuable coin. Alice found the coin several months after the class when she went to prepare property for sale. It was on the piece of furniture that her subconscious told her it would be…the furniture was in a different property than she thought, however.

Alice's story about weight loss is very interesting and starts prior to taking our classes. Alice was an only child caring for her elderly Mother at night and hiring caretakers during the day. She also teaches at Alvin Jr. College. She was under stress. She heard a nutritionist talk and planned to eat better and exercise, but the part she DID DO was to follow the nutritionist's formula for drinking water. She was told that we should all take our body weight and divide it in half. We need that many ounces of pure water in order to function within our body properly. Also, the water acts as a flushing process to clear toxins and excess fat. Alice got the water she needed and did start religiously getting in the water.

About six weeks later, she got up to give a talk at the Junior College and her pants almost fell off. She had to adjust her slacks and realized that she needed to weigh. She found she had lost a lot of weight in six weeks just from getting in the water.

By the time we met her, she was slim and trim. We came back from a talk on the Queen Mary telling the class about the formula and Alice said, "I have told you that before." She then told all of us that she lost 95 lbs. getting in the proper amount of water.

Alice is a massage instructor for Alvin Junior College and has taken our full curriculum.

Alice Cagle after her weight loss

Nancy O'Hern has completed her Basic Certification and attended a special instruction course on the Queen Mary related to weight loss. She had to take courses with several classes because of health issues related to her knees. She was told that she would not walk again without canes until further surgery was completed.

Nancy had private sessions of cell command™ to assist with her physical problems and did sessions in class and privately to have the courage to face her surgeries and get well. At the same time, her child, Emily had to drop out of college in Knoxville, Tennessee because of severe back problems.

The end of those two stories is happy. Nancy came through her surgeries with flying colors and is walking wonderfully without canes. Emily never had a private session, but her Mother worked with her and her younger sister during her classes.

Emily graduated college May 18th, 2003 and has lost a significant amount of weight. Erin, the youngest, is a leader in her private school with all the confidence she needs now. Nancy has just started within the last few months her dedication to weight loss and has lost and successfully kept off 20 lbs….and is headed for more.

Nancy O'Hern

The nextstudent Julie Bradshaw-Quintero is a very recent graduate who completed her Advanced Certification and came back to receive her diploma and show us her weight loss. She lost an astonishing 35 pounds in four months, and is still losing.

Julie B. beforeJulie B. after

These are students that we grew close to in our years training program and they want others to know that the subconscious can powerfully release the real reasons for the weight… release cravings and help you love your diet, love to exercise and reach your ideal weight.

Successful Weight Loss clients in
Birmingham, Alabama

Jennifer (Gina) Owens was her ideal weight all of her life until grief and loss came into her life. She put on about 25 extra pounds that was impossible to release. This extra weight was exacerbated by a high stress job and being the mother of two boys who were nine years apart in ages. Their age difference required her to be active in high school activities and grammar school activities while also acting as an executive with a local radio station.

In her job, she is a sales representative for advertising for the most popular early morning drive team, Rick and Bubba. Needless to say, her life was a whirlwind of activity. Eating with clients; fast food with her boys; and comfort food related to her grief kept the pounds at a steady 25 to 35 lbs pounds overweight.

She was a good consumer who had searched information related to weight loss. She felt that she needed to be motivated to move weight loss into a predominant goal position , and she felt exercise would be pivotal to the process of losing weight. She took action and made the appointment for hypnosis for weight loss before she started any type of exercise program.

She had two sessions of hypnosis to release causes. Her causes were mainly unresolved grief issues and responses to a stressful lifestyle. She also found that she put very high expectation upon herself. After the two releasing sessions, we did two sessions connected to grief and the ability to set boundaries with others. She bought tapes and later CD's on self love to accompany her weight loss series I CD's. She also bought CD's that were specific to symptomology: Love to Exercise, Love Your Diet, and Love to Drink Water. She also listened to a release grief tape as a supplement to the four sessions of private hypnosis.

She felt a shift in her goals almost immediately. She was more focused on good eating patterns and made an effort to find the most appropriate exercise. Through her job, she encountered people who had very successfully toned-up through the efforts of a personal trainer. Dr. Tom Owen had the reputation for being the "best-in-town" and getting excellent results. She made an appointment with him and began regular personal training sessions.

Dr. Owen stressed the same eating pattern that we had discussed. This was low carbohydrate intake coupled with protein to burn fat and build good lean muscle. He had an excellent book that was specific in how to accomplish her shift to proper diet. He also stressed the importance of water intake in the nutrition formula we had outlined in her weight loss workbook she recieved through the PATH Foundation program.

She quickly toned and is looking good. The picture on the left is Jennifer before weight loss and the picture on the right is her on her job. The picture is at a Rick and Bubba promotion where Dr. Owen came to allow a truck to run over his abdominal area. He does these promotions to fund raise for the Alabama Boys Home.

Jennifer was a perfect example of his personal training , and she attributes hiring a personal trainer through the shift in her mind by releasing the effects of grief, getting motivated, being more assertive in setting boundaries, and better self esteem accomplished through Cell Command Therapy ™ and Cellular Releasing © of causes through The Path Foundation.

Jennifer Owens beforeJennifer Owens after
with Dr. Tom Owen, physical trainer

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