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Spring 2012

by Cheryl W. Martin


This daffodil picture announces Spring is Here!

Positive Emotions & Energy Lengthen your life

Spring has arrived bringing with it daffodils and nice weather. The newspaper has been filled with stories of how people are adapting to changing weather and times. In the November 24, 2011, edition of The Birmingham News in the health section was this title and story written by Helen Fields: “Be happy, live longer, study finds”. The essence of this well-written story is that those who are optimistic, basically happy, and positive have a thirty-five per cent chance of outliving negative people by five years. Five years adds up to be significant time and five years of happiness versus five years of crisis, turmoil, and addiction to chaos makes the positive five years worth a king’s fortune.

In 1948 a milestone book was written by Claude Bristol. That book is about the value of positive thinking, and it is called The Magic of Believing. In the book, Mr. Bristol quotes what Dale Carnegie found later on. Mr. Bristol’s statement was this: “One negative person in conflict with a positive person will usually turn the tides to negativity affecting not only the positive person, but any group of people who get caught up in the machinations of this negative person. So, if Claude Bristol and Dale Carnegie found that negativity has an upper hand in conflict , and both found positive thinkers live longer, it appears that keeping negativity at bay would be very important.

Positive Suggestion Hypnosis is the Key

What I feel about this topic is this: right brain consciousness and the development of discernment will assist people in avoiding negativity, people of low integrity, stress reactions, and poor health. This talent and ability of creating a positive world around self stems from releasing old programming which would give negative people a foothold into one’s life by their knowing what buttons to push and how to get someone involved in their negative scenarios for their gain. Their gain will always be to the positive person’s detriment. How does one develop that discernment, pattern of integrity, and the ability to spot negativity as soon as it arrives? Hypnosis through hypnotherapy is the powerful way to do this. It has to be positive suggestion hypnosis with releasing which is not an abreaction, and it should be administered by an integrity-filled person who has genuine positive regard. When this happens, discernment, self confidence, and the ability to set boundaries with those who are negative assists health, well-being, happiness, and the ability to live a good, long life.

Hypnosis Assists Hypertension Treatment also

Right at the holidays this year an article came out about hypertension it was called “Under Pressure” and this article written by Jeff Hansen talked of the perils brought by unresolved hypertension bringing with it risk of stroke and heart attack. It was found in a recent study that 79 per cent of the participants in this study with a large participating group thought hypertension was their main problem in the health arena.


Those with hypertension usually are overweight, handle stress poorly, have habits or addictions which are detrimental to their life and health, and generally have a tenuous hold on well-being and life. It would be very advantageous to get the hypertension under control.

How does hypnosis help? Releasing excess weight assists all systems of the body. With hypertension there is phenomenal pressure and stress on all body parts including the vascular system and circulatory system. Daily life stressors cause an elevation in tension and blood pressure. Habits that are detrimental such as smoking, drinking, and addiction to crisis, add to the negativity and exacerbate hypertension. One can easily see that losing weight through hypnosis, stopping smoking through hypnosis, and releasing stress reactions through hypnosis would be worth the enjoyable effort involved.

Listen to the following song and get the feel of the fast pace the world has taken on as normal day-to-day life.

Dr. Martin interviewed an engineer in Houston Texas on his TV talk show after Dr. Martin and this engineer had success in assisting healthcare professionals in getting the engineer’s blood pressure regulated and stable. This engineer was from a family who had a history of hypertension with all the males dying at a fairly young age. The engineer had white coat syndrome to add to the problem. When he would go to his physician for a check up his blood pressure would go sky high. Because of this problem it was very hard for the healthcare professionals to get him on an accurate dose of hypertensive medication. He also had a Type A personality when addressing stressors in his life, and he had post trauma connected to loud noises from his service during the Vietnam War. He also was reaching the age when the men in his family started to die from illnesses related to hypertension. The end of this story is a happy ending. Through hypnosis being used adjunctively and given in a releasing of subconscious causes manner along with Cell Command Therapy® suggestion, his blood pressure was controlled. He also was able to address stress reactions positively and let go on habits which were detrimental to his health and life.

Stop Smoking with Hypnosis and live longer

The denial about what smoking will do to a body has been broken over the last few years. No longer is it sophisticated to smoke. It is known to be dangerous and in this week’s news it stated that advertising has started showing the realities of what smoking will bring for a smoker. In the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, up to the early 90’s, celebrities put a positive spin on smoking with all of the people who touted smoking on the 50’s show the “Hit Parade” dying from some facet of smoking related disease. Emphysema, COPD, and vascular disease are common death causes now. Billions of dollars are spent trying to control or heal from smoking related diseases. Many do not stop the habit and die. From this, the article this week talked about a man who has begun to do commercials showing that at his relatively young age, he has had his larynx removed from head and neck cancer. Letting go of the smoking habit without the side effects that some medications are bringing physically and mentally is one of the major benefits of hypnosis. If you smoke, book a session today. It will be some of the best time and effort you will ever spend.

Waking people up to the dangers has advanced to recognizing the dangers of secondary smoke to loved ones around the smoker and tertiary smoke to children crawling on carpets or picking up toys smothered in tar, nicotine, and smoke. Children are aware of the dangers and often ask their parents and grandparents to seek help to stop. It is amazing how the young children motivate their loved ones to stop. It is also amazing that teenagers are still getting caught up in the dangers of a smoking habit because of peer pressure in spite of facts showing how detrimental smoking is.

Secondhand smoke is real danger for children

Secondhand smoke is a very real danger for children. It has been found that children, especially babies, are seriously impacted by secondary smoke and what is now being called tertiary smoke, or the smoke found on furniture and in carpets which children crawl on or touch, putting their hands in their mouths afterwards.

Another study proved that approximately 600,000 people, of all ages, die from what is called Second-Hand Smoke every year.

If you smoke, book a private session of hypnosis to stop. Call us at 205 322-7284. If you are exposed to second-hand smoke, get your smoker to stop, especially if children are exposed to the smoke.

The following article is a sad tale of smoking leading to death. The Winston Man was a young, attractive man chosen for the Winston commercials. He was required to smoke for the salary and started very young. Later, he realized the fatal quality of his choice and died a horrible death. He developed throat cancer and told his story to any who would listen. He would tell that he woke up too late to save himself, but wanted others to stop smoking. If you are still smoking, you need to book a private hypnosis session. Call us at 205 322-PATH

Like the Winston Man who evaluated his behavior in life, periodically I process past actions and commitments.

Hypnosis Assists Weight Loss
and Positive Life Changes

We did a group in Houston, Texas, which positively involved around releasing the psychological causes of weight and the weight. This group of people we had taught committed to working on their weight, but over the year it expanded to working on releasing blocks to having a very positive way of experiencing life. We recently heard from some of these people and were thrilled to see that they are using positive subconscious programs of well-being to embrace life.

Let’s start with Chris and Ginger Pennell. You can look at their original story during that year with this link. Read up on them and then look at the picture of them in this blog below. Since the group they have invented a treatment machine to assist in releasing stress. They have started a business together which positively impacts the Houston community and they are looking great! They released causes subconsciously which were blocking them and put in new programming. Since the group they have overcome lots of stress sent their way, have had inventive ideas come to mind with the ability to put those inventive ideas into action, and continued their move to health reaching this milestone picture. You can see how well they are looking and feeling now.

Chris and Ginger today

Now look at Pat Rickard. Pat’s story can be read at this link…..

Since that weight loss hypnosis group program , Pat made a very successful Reliant Energy commercial where she stole the show with strong self confidence. She also had to move from one business location to another and has done that successfully. Her story is truly one of adapting to change and continuing forward. Look at her Now! Amazing that she went from a walking heart attack waiting to happen to better health, looks, and way of life. With hypnosis it is not so amazing, but, if you think about people stopping habits without hypnosis and the prognosis of their changing patterns, it is amazing and shows the power of releasing causes and positive suggestion programming. Read here about cellular releasing® and Cell Command Therapy®.


The next person is Michael Schuman. Mike and a colleague have some videos about hypnosis on UTUBE and you can see from this link that he is looking healthy and prospering. Here is the link to his talk about “Has Anyone Ever Gotten Stuck In Hypnosis”.

We are very proud of Ginger Pennell, Chris Pennell, Pat Rickard, and Michael Schuman. You go guys!

Here are some of the others in the Houston Community who took our full year program. Some went on to take the forensic program also. They didn’t do the extra year group of heavy focus like The Pennells, Pat Rickard, and Michael Schuman but did invest a year with us working on self while learning the tool of hypnosis:

Melanie Harrell went on to study with Brian Weiss. She is in the West University area and is specializing in past life regression along with cellular releasing ® and cell command ®. As you know, Dr. Weiss is the Yale Graduate Psychiatrist who has had phenomenal results with past life regression. When Melanie studied with us she was an excellent student. You can view her exuberance in some of the pictures from the stage hypnosis class. She went on for further study with Dr. Weiss and you can see she is looking good and prospering…

Melanie Harrell

Michael Rhodes has had phenomenal success with a hypnosis practice in the Humble area of Houston. He has also started a publishing company, wrote a successful book, and is positively impacting the Houston Community. He is looking healthy and happy also.

Michael J. Rhodes

Michael J. Rhodes, award-winning author of The Freedom Code: Simple Solutions for Life's Major Challenges,is a leading national authority on creating positive habits, increasing self-empowerment, and releasing subconscious blocks. Michael has been in practice for seven years and he has over 450 hours of hypnosis training. He is also trained in Auricular Therapy and is certified in Meridian Therapy. Michael has a BS in Education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and an MM in Performance from The Florida State University.

Michael has given numerous talks and classes on the benefits of hypnosis, Sacred Geometry, quantum physics principles, Huna, self-empowerment, finance, and world development. He has 11 published songs, 4 royalty free hypnosis music CDs, 6 guided session CDs, 3 meditation CDs, and has two articles published on Sacred Geometry and self-empowerment. His book, The Freedom Code: Simple Solutions for Life's Major Challenges, is available at www.AncientEldersPress.com.


Brenda Kindel is a practicing hypnotist who also teaches CPR, is a doula practitioner and teacher, and has lost 40 lbs herself. Her story really shows that people have choice. She was one of the ones who joined the extra year group. A very nice person who deserved health and well-being. Her block was: she was doing so much for others including family, friends, clients etc that she put herself on the very back burner of life. She did work on herself for a year and came to several of the extra sessions. Anyway, I am totally elated that her thinking moved to self and she took action to get that weight off. Yeah Brenda! I think seeing this is a true gift to me because I knew she was self-sabotaging. She did it and I am proud of her.

Brenda before - - - - -Brenda & her sister after 40 lbs lost

Brenda teaching CPR

Peter Haviliand is a practicing forensic hypnotist who is active now with court cases. See his email regarding his forensic work with hypnosis.

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Dear Ed and Cheryl,
Thank you for your kind words on the latest update. I have now been utilized for 7 witness recalls for cold case police work outside of Texas. I thank you so much for all you have done for me. You guys are the best.
Pete Haviland

Peter has been utilized in 7 Witness Recalls for law enforcement agencies on cold case homicide investigations and has had excellent results in not only having witnesses being able to accuratly recall thier original police interview, but having detail recalled that were both verifiable by officer and witness,and recalled by open ended questioning by Peter that officers recorded and watched in full prescence of the sessions. Mr. Haviland also prepared the witnesses in full prescense of officer to be interogated under hypnosis, monitored witnesses for abnormal reactions,set winesses at ease when emotion became too strong to continue sessions, and provided burned cds of each session (with mp3 backups on thumb drives) for law enforcement. Peter travels with a hypnosis lab that he has designed for portability to police stations,witness home,witness office and conference use and speaking engagements.

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Subject: Local Author to work out of state homicide case.

Peter James Haviland of Red Oak Hypnosis (www.redoakhypnosis.com) has been contracted to perform forensic hypnosis on an ongoing murder case out of state. Haviland is also a contributing author of Talking with the Dead Published by Whitechappel Press. For interview or bookings please contact Mike Roberts of Www.d-mentdentertainment.com

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Pete has also helped write a book on paranormal investigation and has a successful practice in the 1960 area of Houston called Red Oak Hypnosis. Pete is one of the nicest people ever. He is easy to talk with, practices gratitude, and believes in the power of cellular releasing® and Cell Command Therapy® hypnosis.

Becky Stidham is a licensed social work psychotherapist who studied hypnosis with us and has many hypnosis testimonials on her website…

Becky Stidham

Devan Tindall practices in the Galleria area and was partnered with another student of ours in a large, successful weight loss business in Houston. After he moved to start hypnosis businesses out of state, she started her own business very close to the Houston Galleria.

Devan Tindall

Devan explains in her website about hypnosis:
Hypnotism has helped thousands of Americans to lose weight, stop smoking, and reduce stress. Approved by the American Medical Association, hypnosis is safe, easy, and scientifically accepted. Through the use of hypnosis, you will learn new methods over motivation and control while building self-esteem and self-confidence.

Deborah Hrncir is not in Houston proper but is in the Angleton, Texas, area which is a suburb of the Houston area. She does phenomenal work and it would be advantageous to get in touch with her, book a session with her, and help your body get in shape with the therapies she offers. She is an exceptional hypnotist and a very wonderful person who is easy to talk with and trust. To view her website go to www.horizonsforenhancement.com

Josh Syna always comes up almost first when searching hypnosis in the Houston area. I will always remember working with Josh in a private teaching session in class. He was a young chemical dependency counselor who came to take courses from us after studying with another national school. His mother had back problems and even though he was very young at the time, he had severe back problems related to identification with his mother’s pain. We released the causes and the pain in that hypnosis training session successfully. He is bright and has wonderful skills with hypnosis. He also must be really good with search engine technology.

Here is how Josh explains hypnosis on his website:
To put it briefly, hypnosis is a state of mind which everyone is capable of achieving. When properly induced by a trained hypnotherapist, hypnosis produces a wonderful state of relaxation, during which your inner mind is able to be reached directly, even though you are consciously aware of what you are doing. You are aware of everything the hypnotist says while you are hypnotized.

Josh Syna

Melodie Steele teaches Path Foundation Hypnosis classes in the Spring area of Houston. A man who comes into town to teach in hotel rooms put a picture of a similar blonde on his website. Melodie was certainly not that blonde.. she has over 500 hours of training personally in hypnosis and didn’t need or want his classes taught over a table in a hotel room. For that reason she is now a redhead who doesn’t look like that picture any longer. (Ha)! You can Google Plus her or call 281-359-7284 to talk.

Melodie Steele now a redhead

Looking at the volume of people practicing successfully in the Houston area that we personally taught…is inspirational. This is just Houston. We could also do Texas, the greater United States and England. With people continuing to be committed to hypnosis, it shows that it works, clients see it works, and it is beneficial to pursue for yourself. We are also grateful to the students who learned, practice, and use Cellular Releasing® and Cell Command Therapy® Hypnosis. All of these former students have been successful and they practice these specialty techniques.

If I missed any of our former students that we personally taught who are practicing in the Houston area, email me. I just decided to Google tonight to see who is still thriving and helping others. Keep up the good work. We were both inspired that there are so many out there helping others through the practice of positive suggestion hypnosis without abreaction. We are proud of you.

Integrity is a key to happiness

In looking at the concept of finding integrity-filled people, lots of information coming directly from The Divine (I think) has been finding me. In a local Weekly, a young woman told of predators trying to get her to sell her worth by being an Agent Provocoture (a new paradigm in terminology, but it has been around for a long time). She caught on to what was wanted and held to her value system without soliciting men at a real estate brokers conference. She needed the good money, but would not be the “bait” for the broker who hired her for his booth. How was she rewarded? Fired.

She wrote a story about how the predators got to her. How the wolf at the door was presented to her to scare her and the “good money” offered for her to do the baiting through sexual suggestion. She had a choice to make. She chose the high road and wrote a story about the experience in this week’s Birmingham Weekly.

Hypnosis and Hypnosis training help personal grief

It brought several concepts to mind when I read that article. The students we found on this website practice honorably and are still in practice. Two exceptional men came to mind also who personify leadership skills, the fortitude to get out there and find information to add to their life without rigidity, and living life with integrity. They also came to mind because we remember how they stood out by not incorporating the homework into their study. They had already mastered self esteem, leadership, loyalty, were bright and had invested in themselves with good educations, and believed in all that is good. There were many others we encountered in our classes like this, but the difference in these two is that they did it by taking classes only and not adding the homework time. We were people of little faith or belief that they would learn that way, but they did shine just from class. It was the integrity and leadership factor.

One had been the commander of Eglin Field Air Force Base in Houston and was commander of over 1000 people. You can see him standing up in a royal manner in the stage hypnosis class and see him in the descriptions about a children’s hypnosis family.

What brought him to us to show his ability to shine? Overcoming his "Grief".

The other is an attorney who was the District Attorney in the Angleton area. He stood out just like the man of which I have just written. What brought him to us? All of us thought it was to support his wife. In actuality it was to add positive energy to the classes, show leadership qualities, and prepare him for surviving grief. Doyle Neighbours has been a very good friend and taught us about encountering all that is good in life with powerful leadership skills. I periodically remember things that happened in class. In the symbols class, he had the argumentative P show up in his handwriting. Because he is such a gracious person, his look was one of “I apologize”. My response was “You keep that P to be the successful criminal attorney you are.” “You don’t want to go from being the most winning attorney in Angleton, Texas, to one who can never argue a point.” He recently defended us over another copyright scenario and we are grateful to an exceptional man who is actually a wonderfully skilled and trained hypnotist, also.

Grief was a strong component in both of these leader’s lives and two more stories are in the local news in Birmingham this week relating to grief. One is the University of Alabama basketball coach. He had a very successful year one year ago winning a national championship and having a very winning season. This year was different and he was fired from his job. In reading his story, right before this season started his mother died and then two nephews died. No one understood why he went from winning to losing. Anyone who understands grief knows why. Hypnosis is one of the most powerful tools to overcome the detrimental symptoms grief brings.

Another story is of a man who owns 40 McDonald’s franchises in an around the Birmingham, Anniston, and Gadsden area. He is healthy, has a good mind, has been very successful, and is currently a healthy 96 years old. He was married 56 years with his wife recently dying. Grief can be very detrimental to health, success, and well-being. I am rooting that this man continues on with health and success after the loss of his significant relationship.


Here’s hoping you are living a Wonder-filled Life with health and Enjoyment.

Remember to incorporate positive suggestion hypnosis,

Cheryl Martin


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