SUPER LEARNING with Hypnosis
and Cell Command Therapy

How SUPER LEARNING and other forms of
Learning Improvement are achieved:

The Super Learning or Learning Enhancement is normally accomplised in two hypnosis sessions. The first session is two hours long. Follow-up sessions are only one hour. The first session is used to release all of the subconscious program that has been blocking the subconscious ability to learn or causing test anxiety or any other form of learning difficulty. This frees the mind to learn new ways of learning or storing information for future use or recall. This form of working with the subconscious mind using Cellular Releasing, releases the old imprints without ever bringing up any negative emotion.

In the first session after the releasing is completed, new patterns of learning will be programmed into the subconscious mind, for perfect concentration and perfect quick recall of previously stored or learned information. In addition the mind is taught how to store the data learned with references or keys to allow future recall quickly. The mind is also taught how to retrieve any data or information without bringing back any negative emotions or feelings. This ability alone often removes any blocks or fears that prevent learning.

Special codes or signals are given to the inner mind to trigger the learning ability and its use. These signals are then taught to the conscious mind and practice in their use is prescribed. The signals act as a trigger to enter a light state of hypnosis where the new concentration and recall abilities can be used and outside influences can be filtered or ignored. This allows the person to achieve perfect concentration which is needed for the new methods of learning and storing data.

The client then uses a set of three CDs that are just like sessions of hypnosis. Between the first session and the follow-up, the client works with Steps one and two of the CD sessions… Step one assists with completing the releasing of all of the psychological blocks to learning, and step two strongly reinforces the signals and continues reprogramming the new methods of learning and storing or retrieving of any data learned. The third CD is used to even further enhance learning, by improving the IQ or tested ability for learning.

The one hour follow-up hypnosis session is spent in deep hypnosis and makes this a permanent program by the reinforcement of the positive experiences and the future visualization of success. It gives very strong, empowering, positive suggestions of being successful in all forms of learning and being very proud of youself and your success in learning.

Cell commands to the endocrine system and any other needed systems are given in both sessions to release any physical body trauma or anything physical that could be impeding the learning ability.

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