Stop Smoking Permanently

How We Assist With Stop Smoking

We do our stop smoking sessions in two hypnosis sessions. The first session is two hours long. The follow-up session is only one hour. In the first session, we release all of the subconscious program that has been assisting the habit and cravings for smoking. Since we are working with the subconscious using Cellular Releasing, we do this without bringing up any negative emotion.

In the first session, we get the contract from the subconscious to stop smoking, stop cravings and release the habit. We also give automatic signals that will assist in stopping cravings. Smoking is a "hand-to-mouth" habit related to an oral stage of development. Our signal assists in making sure one oral habit is not replaced by another oral habit like eating; therefore, weight gain is not an issue.

The client then uses a set of three CDs that are just like sessions of hypnosis. Between the first session and the follow-up, the client works with Steps one and two of the CD sessions… Step one assists with completing the releasing of all of the psychological reasons for smoking, and step two strongly reinforces the signals and continues reprogramming that they are a non-smoker. The one hour follow-up is spent in deep hypnosis and makes this a permanent program by the strong, empowering, positive suggestions of being glad and proud to be, a non-smoker.

Cell commands to the respiratory system are given in both sessions and the third of the CD's assists with the Cell commands to restore the lungs and the respiratory system to the original healthy natural state.

Stop Smoking Success Stories

Andrea and Jeremy Pate of Cordova Alabama
with their 5 children

Andrea Pate of Cordova, Alabama, is an example of someone who had made their mind up before they came for an appointment and stopped smoking successfully. Andrea is an example of a client that will have tremendous success.

She is bright, trusting, and highly motivated. She is the mother of five children and a schoolteacher who is very committed to her profession. Her main motivation was health and to insure that her children would have a mother through their growing up years.

She had assisted in the comfort of her father-in-law in his last days before his death. She looked at her children and knew that they would need their parents. She also knew that smoking was very hazardous to her health even though she tried to shield her children from secondary smoke.

She stopped smoking very successfully. She also used her signals to stop any cravings that came up right after her session and stopped even though she was, prior to her stop smoking session, smoking a lot at night. From the time she got home to turning in at night, and then early in the morning before school, equaled about a pack a day.

When it came time for her follow-up session, she had committed herself to taking her cheerleading squad that she sponsored after hours at school and during the summer to the beach. She was doing so well that she skipped our follow-up session.

However, since I had told her the follow-up has been very important in the many sessions we have conducted over the years, she made an appointment the next month to come in for an hour. She had not smoked, but she had noticed stress in her world. When we talked, it was obvious that there was stress in her world and I suggested that I give her some suggestions for self love and caring for self more since she tended to put everyone else first.

She had never smoked after our first session and she allowed the positive programming to take effect regarding her world and her life, also.

She contacted me in the fall to book a Superlearning hypnosis session and what she told me was wonderful. She had begun to think about her life. She spent lots of her time donating free time after school in sponsorship; however, what she had always wanted to be was an attorney.

She had applied to law school and was accepted! She has resigned her free donation of sponsorship and would now be attending law school at night! Her entire family was happy and supportive of her. Before long the world will have a bright and thoughtful attorney and Andrea will be doing what she always wanted to do as a profession.

Also, her children will have a healthy mother who does not smoke!

Jeff Hughes of Birmingham, AL

Jeff Hughes has been a motivator to many other people who probably would not have sought stopping smoking without his example. Jeff had smoked for a long time before he came for his stop smoking session and HE SMOKED A LOT. He smoked so much that everyone who came to stop because of his example of stopping smoking would always comment that he had been a heavy smoker.

In his session, Jeff released the subconscious programming related to smoking. He has never smoked since.

When talking to him after his second session, he said that his smoking had been a social experience that was enjoyable, but he knew that he was involved in a dangerous habit that could turn on him at anytime. Shortly after stopping, he started feeling so much better that he would never go back to a habit that uses up so much oxygen.

An example of a person he influenced is his brother. When his brother visited from Virginia, he was not ready to stop smoking, but he watched Jeff. Later, he went back to Virginia and contacted a hypnosis group. He was told it would take about six very expensive sessions! He told them his brother had literally stopped in one session, but had a follow-up to make sure it was a concrete process. They insisted it would require the long process. His brother now plans to stop when he returns to Birmingham at Chrismas.

Jeff has not added weight and he says he is so happy that he stopped a very expensive habit for him. One that, of course, was financially expensive since he was such a heavy smoker. However, it was the possibility of losing his health or life that motivated him to use his bright mind to take this action.

Congratulations Jeff!

Keith & Lynne Crowe of Birmingham, AL

Keith Crowe and Lynne Crowe of the Birmingham area are an example of a couple that both stopped smoking. Lynne came after Keith successfully stopped. Keith was a heavy smoker and Lynne said her smoking was not considered light by any means. Their daughter had been injured several years before and she felt the stress of many things had contributed to an increase in the smoking within the family. Also, they were surrounded by smokers in their family.

Keith stopped with everyone watching him. He knew that the friend who referred him had been a heavy smoker and stopped. Keith did this also.

Lynne waited a while to make sure it took and then booked an appointment. Both of her parents watched to see what the young couple did. Lynne admits that her smoking was more emotionally oriented as a coping mechanism; however, she used her signals and has not smoked.

As a result of Keith being the first one to take action, he, his wife, and her parents are all now non-smokers. Keith’s action mirrored the action of his friend who referred him. His action just may have given his family many more years together.



Ed & Connie Oglesby

Ed Oglesby and Connie Oglesby are the parents of Lynne Crowe. Both of them watched Keith, their son-in-law stop smoking and then their daughter Lynne stopped after Keith.

The Oglesby’s are from the McCalla, Alabama area and they play a pivotal part in their grandchildren’s life. They are very smart in knowing that smoking is a habit that is often learned through observation. They decided it was time to change the family dynamics and, hopefully, then the grandchildren would not fall into the trap of smoking cigarettes.

Both of them had health as a main motivator, also. Both of them stopped and now the Keith Crowe and Ed Oglesby families are NON-SMOKERS THROUGH THE POWER OF THEIR SUBCONSCIOUS MINDS!!!!!!!

We are proud of all of you!!!!

Tina Bowen

Tina Bowen came as a result of hearing Andrea Pate’s story. Tina is also a teacher in a town close to Cordova. She met Andrea and they had a lot in common. Both were concerned that their children would have a Mother to help them grow up.

Both were also seeking more education after school hours with Tina working on an advanced certification in counseling.

To add to Tina’s stress she and her younger children would be moving to Indiana this school year because of her husband’s job transfer. Her college age son would be staying to attend college.

After talking with Andrea, she booked an appointment. She came with high motivation. She stopped and returned for her follow-up feeling very good about choosing to give up a heavy smoking habit that was similar to Andrea’s habit… at night and early mornings. She smoked a lot at the time she smoked, but is now a NON-SMOKER.

Tina we are proud of you!

We have some more wonderful stop smoking stories. These listed below are students from our training classes, because they allow us to take their pictures in class and we follow them for an entire year, during their training program.


Lloyd Haymom

The first story is of Lloyd Haymon. Lloyd had already had a heart attack when he attended our classes. Even though he was a trained Physician's Assistant and knew all about the physiological damage from smoking, he was a smoker. The reason for that is: smoking is a subconscious habit or compulsion that is normally based on a program that starts early in life.

Lloyd was still a heavy smoker and so was his wife. His classmates were not smokers and peer pressure and a desire to be healthier got Lloyd to raise his hand to be a demonstration subject for hypnosis in the cellular releasing class.

He is a good hypnosis subject and went deeper than most. A demonstration session is before the class and usually is not all that deep. He allowed himself to go very deep and released causes that started in early childhood. A program had built around his seed experience from early childhood.

He released the reasons and the habit. He also released the cravings. He stopped smoking that day. Dr. Martin recommended a follow-up of one hour later since Lloyd's spouse was still smoking. Lloyd never had the follow-up and is still a non-smoker.

He is actively practicing hypnosis and is a successful singing artist. His songs are similar to Boxcar Willie who was a childhood idol of his.

Betty Pyykola

Betty Pyykola had smoked for over thirty years when she decided on some private sessions. Her spouse still smoked and at least one of her sons smoked.

Her reasons went back to childhood and her habit had built around the seed experience. Betty's environment, with smokers all around, was hazardous to her relapsing; therefore, we built in signals to stop cravings and reinforced self love. She had to use her signals between the first and follow-up session to stop cravings…Also, she had to cleanse all her smoking paraphernalia out of her vehicle (including detailing for smell), out of her work environment, and out of her home.

Her husband smoked Money cigarettes and smoked inside. We worked on her self love to be able to ask him to "burn Money" outside when he smoked. He complied and she stayed stopped.

In Lloyd's case and Betty's case, the spouses had not stopped smoking the last time we asked.

Shelby Prager

Another student of ours, Shelby Prager, came to a group session on Stop Smoking that Dr. Martin conducted at a spiritual center in Houston. She stopped that night…bought tapes and started listening to them.

By the time, she started our classes to become a hypnotist, she was fully stopped… from that group hypnosis session with tape supplementation.

She now assists others in the Missouri City, Texas Area to stop smoking and with weight loss.

Ginger Young

Ginger Young took our classes with her mother, Rita Graves. Both came as smokers. However, Ginger worked in a hospital and had a desire to be a non-smoker, without much belief. She was a demonstration subject in class to release causes of smoking and stop. Later in that weekend, she worked with Bob Pekarik in the student sessions for her followup. Bob reviewed the releasing again and gave her additional programming to be a non-smoker with strong reinforcement of health benefits.

Ginger's mom did not stop smoking and Ginger rode to and from classes with her from their home in Timpson, Texas (about 150 miles away) without smoking. Ginger is still a non-smoker and now assists others with stop smoking in Center, Texas. See her at

Two former client's stories:

Dr. Ed Martin assisted a man in 1990 to stop smoking successfully. Around 1999, Dr. Martin received a call from this man who told him he had started smoking again after going back home to Seattle for the holidays and he wanted to come back in for a followup.

When talking to the client, it turns out that he started smoking the morning he had breakfast with his sister in the family home where he was raised. He had not been home in ten years. His mother who was now deceased smoked when he was a child; however, his sister now looked exactly like his mother did as a middle aged woman and she also smoked.

When he was a child, he would light his mother's cigarettes off of the gas stove early in the morning at breakfast. In looking at his chart, he had released the causes all the way back to starting smoking with his teenage peers in his first session. This time he released the causes all the way back to five years old and then quickly stopped in that one hour session. He is still a non-smoker today. Grief and a very minor unreleased psychological cause had re-triggered his smoking; however, he found and released it and quickly stopped again.

Cheryl Martin worked with a client several years ago who came in to stop smoking. She said her reasons were health related. Also, she looked very youthful in dress and was attractive. She said she had noticed a wrinkling taking place in the last few months and had read about how much oxygen it takes to maintain the smoking habit.

Cheryl told her about a hypnotist in Louisiana who shows a picture of Mother Teresa to stop smoking clients while they are in hypnosis and tells them they don't want to wrinkle like her. They both laughed and she said she really wanted to stop before her health got worse and she wrinkled up.

In sharing about her family, she said that her husband did not smoke and was very irritated by her smoking. Also, they did not get along well but did have a long-term marriage of over 30 years.

Before they started Cheryl told her that she would re-iterate health and remaining youthful to her subconscious after the contract to stop is made. Then, Cheryl asked her if she thought she might sabotage these efforts in order to continue to irritate her husband. She declared that she wanted to stop for herself and her own health.

She stopped very successfully in two sessions. Cheryl did not hear from her again until a year later when she called after attending her beloved Grandmother's funeral in another state. Her cousin had been the one she originally started smoking with. That cousin had asked her out to eat at this gathering and had pleaded that she smoke with her again. She then re-started smoking.

She came back later for a followup. She gave an updated history. Her husband again wanted her to stop. They still irritated one another. Cheryl asked again, "Could wanting to irritate your husband sabotage your stopping?"

She said, "No, I like feeling and looking good. I grew to hate the smell of cigarettes on others and I do not want to smoke… also……. I have found new ways to irritate that man."

In one session, she stopped and has been a non-smoker now for several more years.

The saddest session Cheryl had was with a retired professional golfer who lived on the golf course and loved golfing. She had just been to her physician who found lung cancer. She was to have part of her lung removed the following week.

She had stopped by some other method 11 years before, but had been talked into smoking again by her daughter who wanted her to socially smoke with the daughter.

She said to Cheryl, "Why didn't I stay stopped?" Cheryl said that it has been found that we are either a smoker or a non-smoker, there is not a gray area to this. That that is why we always include signals to stop cravings. However, Cheryl felt real sadness for what she was facing.

She was highly motivated this time and stopped successfully with no cravings.

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