Release Pain Permanently

How We Assist With Pain Release

• Private hypnosis sessions to find and release the mental (psychological) causes of pain and then release or reduce the pain and release the habit of creating the pain.

• Private hypnosis sessions to reprogram the subconscious mind to permanently release the psychological reasons for the pain and permanently release the pain as well.

• Private home sessions of Cell Command Therapy® Hypnosis on CDs to reinforce the pain relief and complete the releasing of causes.

• Hypnosis followup counseling sessions to regenerate or restore any body parts affected by the pain for general health improvement


• No drugs.

• No special training needed

• No surgery

• No anxiety or stress

• No electrical shock or treatment

• No physical change needed

• No needles, intravenous or muscular invasion


Chronic pain accounts for more than 95 % of the pain suffered by American people today. It has been determined that the mental or psychological component o f chronic pain is almost 70%. 

Now you can remove or change the mental and psychological components of pain using Cell Command Therapy Hypnosis and then reduce or eliminate the pain completely.

You can lower the pain and your bodies thresholds of pain so that it is not even felt or bothersome using this form of hypnosis.

You can even lower or lessen the effect of acute pain when it is safe to do so by using these self hypnosis techniques.

Surgery, injections or bone marrow tests can be free from pain by using these self hypnosis training tools.

No matter what your age or health status it can help you.


Cell Command Therapy® hypnosis is the quickest, most effective and permanent way to release pain ever developed. It is a permanent method of behavior and habit control using deep trance hypnosis. The Hypnosis is a proven psychological principle, which was originally approved by the American Medical Society in 1958. Adaptation of the cellular change technique in deep trance hypnosis was developed and pioneered by The PATH Foundation. This technique uses only positive suggestion which makes sure that no harmful side effects ever occur.



Phil F.

I had back pain for many years and it would come back for no apparent reason. In hypnosis I found the reason was an accident many years ago involving hydraulic fluid, and the last time my pain returned was from smelling that fluid again. After my hypnosis sessions, I no longer have any back pain

Steve B.

The cause of my recurring Shoulder pain was discovered in hypnosis to be feelings of burden and responsibility that were caused during an accident 7 years ago. I released those feelings in hypnosis and released my recurring shoulder pain as well.

Mary D.

I released my horrible migraine headaches in 3 sessions of hypnosis and I released all the mental reasons as well, without needing to know what they were.

Clara N.

I released my stomach pain in hypnosis as well as the reasons for it. I found that one of my reasons was the benefit that I unconsciously got from having my pain. I am now free from that pain

James H.

I had horrible back pain from a gunshot wound and until hypnosis I could not recover. In hypnosis I released all my guilt feelings and other mental causes as well as my pain permanently

Wayne H.

I first stopped smoking with hypnosis after my Doctor said to stop or my knee wouldn’t heal. Then I decided that hypnosis might help my knee. The hypnosis sessions not only released the pain completely, but my knee is now healed without needing surgery. My Doctor thinks it is a true miracle.


Cell Command Therapy® Hypnosis

Private consultation and hypnosis sessions that release the mental causes of pain and then release the pain. Reinforcement hypnosis sessions are then used to ensure that your pain release is permanent. Then suggestions of Cell Command Therapy are used to restore and repair any body parts affected by the pain.

Reinforcement self help hypnosis CD sessions for home use are used to continue the releasing of the causes of the pain and also release the pain. Then they are used to restore the body parts affected by or causing the pain.

Cellular Releasing hypnosis is used to release all blocks to healing or pain relief, and any mental causes for the pain. You Reprogram (change)your mind, your feelings and habits and then release your pain forever, with no side effects. Suggestions to repair and restore your body parts
causing or affected by the pain are then given in deep trance hypnosis (Cell Command Therapy® Hypnosis).

You Release the pain, the bad feelings and the habit, with the power of your own mind, you don’t replace it.

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in Alabama call: (205) 322-PATH

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