Hypnosis Training

Hypnosis training along with Cell Command Therapy® is being offered for individuals who are working toward either a hypnosis or therapeutic career. It is offered to hypnotists and therapists from all health care professions. The training is offered in seminar form and in a special sequence for learning experiences. The training includes casework (internship) because the practical experience is essential to understanding and learning.

All courses include practice, practical experience and internship assignments. Complete scripts of hypnotic suggestions are provided. These courses are being offered for students desiring to learn the profession of hypnosis (or hypnotherapy) either as a profession or as an adjunct to another health care profession. It is therefore offered to all trained, practicing hypnotists and hypnotherapists, as well as certification students, and therapists of other health care professions.

Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy Training
in Houston, TX & Birmingham, AL

Hypnosis and Cell Command Therapy® training and certification is offered by the PATH Foundation in Houston, Texas and Birmingham Alabama in monthly weekend intensive training courses.

Twelve seminar courses in Hypnosis and Cell Command Therapy® are offered. Each seminar consists of 18 hours of instruction and 5 to 10 hours of casework (internship).

Completion of the training, the casework assignments and the Certification examination will qualify students for certification in "Basic Hypnosis", "Hypnotherapy", "Cellular Releasing©", as well as Basic and Advanced Cell Command Therapy® and other specialized types of hypnosis certification.

Students with previous hypnosis training may enroll in advanced standing courses and certification.

The cost for each monthly (individual) course is $295
(if pre-enrolled & enrolled in a certification program or series)
Individual courses cost $395 each.
(without enrollment in the certification program)

A $50 deposit is required for pre-registration to reserve your space.

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Class Schedules; Birmingham, Alabama

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