Forensic Handwriting Analysis

Alternative Subconscious Communication

Handwriting Analysis has been tested in court and has high reliability/validity. Since most people don’t know the formula of interpretation, they can’t put on a mask. If you understand how to successfully and truthfully interpret handwriting, it can tell you many things about a person without their being able to put on a façade.

You can learn:

    •     If they are generous or stingy
    •     If they are truthful or prone to fabrication
    •     If they are currently being honest or telling a white lie or huge lie
    •     If they have issues with their Mother
    •     If they have father issues that are unresolved
    •     If they are into control
    •     If they live life through their emotions or if they are more into their mind
    •     If they will be too much of a talker on the job
    •     If they can keep secrets or if they will blab
    •     If they have been the victim of abuse and are holding it subconsciously
    •     If they would do better in sales or better at detail work such as accounting
    •     If two people are compatible
    •     If they have a propensity towards violence
    •     If they have mental problems
    •     If they have health problems
    •     If they will encroach into your world
    •     If they will keep from telling you about themselves
    •     If they live through a mask or façade
    •     If they are open about who they are
    •     If they are argumentative
    •     If they are stressed to the max

As you can see, from just a small list of what you can see: a good handwriting analysis can be used to screen employees, prospective partners, and of course yourself to see what your subconscious is holding.

You will be able to get a full handwriting analysis:
for personality analysis,
for compatibility analysis,
for prospective employee evaluation or analysis, etc.

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Handwriting Interpretation / Analysis

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