(Special techniques of hypnosis)

Forensic hypnosis is a specialized technique of hypnosis that can be used to help people retrieve forgotten memories, that were either forgotten or repressed for ego protection. It can be used safely by anyone who knows these techniques to retrieve the forgotten memories without causing or bringing up any negative feelings.

This technique can be learned by anyone wishing to learn these specialized forms of hypnosis. We have taught these techniques to many law enforcement personnel, who use it with crime victims or witnesses to recall additional details about the incident. It has also been used by many people successfully to find lost objects.

These techniques are taught in a specialized training program either in a conference format or in the Video DVD home study program.

The only requirement is that a student must have successfully completed basic hypnosis in order to understand and use these techniques.

Hypnosis Course Curriculum Content



• History & understanding of forensic hypnosis
• How forensic hypnosis can benefit the hypnotherapist
• Understanding the Ego Defense mechanisms
• Understand the Law of Reversed or Dominant Effect
• Steps for Investigative hypnosis Session
• Recording requirements for potential court usage
• The Pre Hypnotic Interview
• Special terminology required for court & legal uses
• Forensic methods of inducing & deepening Hypnosis
• Challenges & Sensory Stimulation techniques
• Elicitation (information retrieval) techniques
• Legally approved techniques for hypnosis & discovery
• How to deal with trauma victims without abreaction
• How to Use forensic discovery for therapy
• How to interface with the legal profession
• How Forensic hypnosis is used by law enforcement
• Responsibilities & ethics of investigative hypnotist
• Susceptibility Procedures and tests
• Positive & Negative Hallucination induction & uses
• Post hypnotic suggestions for forensic recovery
• De hypnotizing techniques
• Terminology & Legal precedents of forensic hypnosis
• Composite drawing in forensic hypnosis
• Composite drawing with computer assistance
• Special Forensic licensing
•   Class Demonstration & Class Exercises
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