HYPNOSIS with Children
(all ages)


for: Super Learning, Habit control or change
Skill enhancement, Physical improvement
and many other life changes:

Why do children need hypnosis?

Positive suggestion hypnosis helps to build self esteem, improve skills, release or change bad habits and create new positive habit patterns. It also can assist in healing, growth and other physical changes.

What age children can be worked with?

Any child from about age 3 and up can enter hypnosis if they are willing. But even the youngest cannot be hypnotized against their will.

How long (# of sessions) does it take?

Many times a single session is all that is needed. However a followup session is normally recommended.

Do Positive Suggestion Hypnosis CDs work with children?

Yes, very powerfully, especially if used at bedtime or naptime.

Description of Children's Hypnosis

Childrens hypnosis sessions are normally conducted with parents present. The first session is one to two hours long. All follow-up sessions are one hour or less. The first session is used to release all of the subconscious program that has been blocking the subconscious ability, or causing the problem, anxiety or other difficulty. This frees the childs mind to learn new ways of behavior and new habits.

It also can allow the child to learn new ways of learning or storing information for future recall to allow super learning and IQ improvement. The mind is taught how to concentrate and store learned data with references to assist in future memory recall. this normally improves all learning abilities.

This special form of working with the subconscious mind using Cellular Releasing, releases the old imprints and learned behavior patterns, without ever bringing up any negative emotion.

In all sessions after any releasing is completed, new positive patterns will be programmed into the subconscious mind, for new habits, new abilities, perfect concentration and recall of previously learned information. The mind is also reprogrammed with positive successful experiences and patterns so new skills, abilities and behavior become natural.

The follow-up hypnosis sessions are spent in deep hypnosis and make the new programs permanent by the reinforcement of the positive experiences and the future visualization of success. They consist of very strong, empowering, positive suggestions about being successful in all areas of life and being very proud of yourself and your success.

Also Cell commands to the endocrine system and any other needed systems are given in any sessions to release any physical body trauma or anything physical that could be causing the problem or impeding the new ability.

Childrens Hypnosis Success Stories

Following are some of the many Childrens success stories:

This Year's Clients in the Children's Class The Shogren family of Humble, Texas agreed to participate by working on success, sports skills, and a health issue. All were very good subjects with the youngest, Konner age 8, volunteering to be the first subject.

The Shogren Family & Dr. Martin
In this picture are: Dr. Martin, Kelley, Kris (Dad), Diane (Mom), Kyle, and in front, Kody, and Konner.

Clint McNabb & The Shogren Family
In the second picture are:
Clint McNabb (student who invited the Shogren family),
Kelly, Kris (Dad), Diane (Mom), and Kyle.
Kody and Konner are in front beside Kelley.
Clint McNabb is a Continental Airlines Pilot taking Cell Command Therapy Hypnosis training. Kris Shogren is his co-pilot.

Konner Shogren (age 8) in hypnosis
Konner Shogren, age 8, was the first subject and, like his brothers and sisters, was very good. He went very deep into hypnosis.

Kyle achieving numbness
Being tested for anesthesia
Dr. Martin is numbing Kyle's hand to show the power of his mind while in hypnosis. Next Dr. Martin is pinching Kyle's hand to show that his mind has numbed his hand.

Kelly Shogren in deep hypnosis
Kelly Shogren at age 14 achieves deep hypnosis very quickly.

Kody Shogren (age 11) also went deep
Kody Shogren at 11 was the last to go into hypnosis, but he went very deep and worked on his issues and abilities.

More Childrens Hypnosis Success Stories

Patrick at age 10, recently won the national Crayola Art Contest after releasing his blocks to creativity in hypnosis.

Charles at age 8 started making much better grades in school after releasing his blocks to learning in hypnosis. He also became very good in spelling, his worst subject before the hypnosis.

Harley, age 9, successfully achieved his goal of reaching the second degree black belt in Karate after his hypnosis sessions.

Chase at age 17 used hypnosis to release back pain and severe allergies. He had used it previously for improving his grades in school.

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