Positive Suggestion & Cell Command Therapy® Hypnosis Training

Curriculum Topics

Course Title No.
Course Description
HYP201 Basic Hypnosis 23 (Learning, understanding, experiencing & using basic hypnosis)
HYP202 Intermediate Hypnosis 23 (Using & teaching; Self Hypnosis, hypnotic suggestion & mind body connections)
HYP203 Advanced Techniques of Hypnosis 28 (Hypnotic Anesthesia, pain control, hypnosis to assist child birthing, other special techniques of Hypnosis)
HYP205 History & Development of Hypnosis 18 (History and Uses of Hypnosis from ancient Egypt to the present)
HYP401 Cellular Releasing© Hypnosis 28 (Releasing causes, fears and blocks with Cell Command TherapyŽ Hypnosis)
HYP402 Basic Cell Command Therapy® Hypnosis 28 (Cell Command Therapy, Cellular regeneration, Healing & physical assistance techniques of hypnosis)
HYP403 Advanced Cell Command Therapy® Hypnosis 28 (Assist abuse recovery & critical illness recovery with Cell Command Therapy® hypnosis)
HYP501 Regression Hypnosis (Past Life Regression) 28 (Regression, Age regression and Past-Life regression techniques of hypnosis)
HYP502 Advanced Energy & Mental Hypnosis 18 (Instant and stage hypnosis. Acupressure and physical hypnosis, Aura hypnosis and Silent Hypnosis techniques)
HYP504 Cell Command Therapy® Hypnosis for Addictions 28 (Assist in overcoming Addictions and Compulsions with Cell Command TherapyŽ and Hypnosis)
HYP505 Cell Command Therapy® Hypnosis for Children 23 (Work with children age 3 and up using Cell Command TherapyŽ and hypnosis)
HYP506 Cell Command Therapy® for Grief, Depression & Post Traumatic Stress 28 (Assist with grief, depression or post traumatic stress Recovery using Cell Command Therapy and hypnosis)
HYP507 C. C. for Group Hypnosis, Seminars, Marketing , Ethical & Legal issues of hypnosis 23 (Special hypnosis techniques for groups. Seminars for; weight loss, superlearning, grief & grow younger. Learn legal & ethical issues of hypnosis and special state requirements to practice hypnosis)
HYP601 Alternative Subconscious Communication 18 (Special Tree drawing, family drawing, handwriting analysis, numerology, vibration analysis, symbol analysis, family of origin, color tonation for healing and Labyrinth walk meditation)
HYP650 Advanced Weight Loss Hypnosis Techniques 18 (Advanced Hypnosis techniques for working with weight loss including group hypnosis meditations and Special hypnosis releasing techniques)
HYP701 Basic Forensic Hypnosis 48 (Forensic uses of hypnosis, applications, methods and considerations including court or license requirements and abreaction prevention during hypnosis discovery)