Background History of Cell Command Therapy®

Cell Command Therapy® is the result of many experiences by Ed R. Martin and other PATH Foundation therapists working with hypnosis and hypnotherapy. It began after seeing remarkable healing results that were generated in clients that went into deep trance and were given direct commands for physical changes, like removing or healing from warts. The suggestions in this deep level of trance appeared to trigger the automatic parts of the brain and cause cellular regeneration to occur. After numerous experiments it was found that the regeneration could eliminate or discard the error codes or the messages that were stored in the cells that caused pain, disease, illness or deterioration like aging. These hypnotic cell commands given in this framework seem to directly affect only the cells and parts of the body that they are directed toward.

The Hypnotic techniques and procedures used were then tested, proven and standardized for others to use as deep trance suggestions. Next The PATH Foundation established the trademark and the tools and materials needed to train other therapists in this remarkable form of regeneration (adjunctive healing) therapy.

The basic formats of the Cell Command suggestions are the result of reviewing the successes from many sessions with subjects in deep states of hypnosis to discover the quickest and best methods to stimulate cellular releasing of error imprints and then to stimulate and accelerate the cellular healing. The format and content of the hypnosis suggestions were then reviewed for all the sessions to determine the most effective. The criteria of success from all these hypnosis sessions with Cell Command Therapy® suggestions was applied and the most successful forms were then compiled and standardized to develop the protocol and these methods which all hypnosis therapists can use.

The final result of these therapy sessions with clients for many diverse ailments has shown that almost any type of cellular regeneration and restoration can be stimulated or assisted by using these special commands and suggestions in deep hypnosis. Every system and part of the body has been aided, to some degree, in regeneration by this process.

The work completed shows that almost any form of therapy can benefit from using Cell Command Therapy® suggestions as well. It seems to provide a shortcut way to show the mind how to enable its' own healing powers and then to stimulate or speed up that restoration and healing.

Cell Command Therapy® is the use of direct mental commands in deep trance hypnosis. They appear to promote and accelerate the regrowth of cells to their perfect, natural state.


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