Letters from clients about
Cell Command Therapy® page 4

  • I needed to pass the Bar in order to be an environmental lawyer in the Carribean. I had a job waiting and only needed to pass the Bar exam. I had test anxiety. Through private sessions I released the test anxiety and used Super-learning signals to stay focused, relaxed and calm. These same signals were used to store information while studying and to bring it up when taking a test. HURRAY. I am an attorney in the Carribean now.--I was so happy over this that I did a
    T. V. Talk show with Dr Martin to talk about the experience. Nadalyn (formerly of Houston, Tx.)

  • I went to a Dowser's Conference with terrible foot pain after foot surgery. Dr. Martin was doing a class with demonstrations. From that demonstration, I decided to take the full training program. Very quickly after starting classes, I started wearing normal shoes with no pain. The normal time should have been at least a year. Becky-Houston, Tx.

  • I had back pain for so long, I didn't remember being without it. I am a nurse. In the hypnosis training classes, I released the pain. I am now free of both back and leg pain. Terri- Houston, Tx.

  • I was an Emcee for a talk Dr. Martin did on releasing blocks to abundance. I really went deep when he did his hypnosis group session. I released the seed experience that started my block to total abundance. I continued to work with the Abundance Series tapes and workbook. After that one session, I went to an Indian Reservation that has a casino. I won $9,000. Immediately upon returning home, I won several more thousand in the Lotto. I also accepted freely my salary which in the past I felt as if I were being overpaid-- I have now opened a part-time hypnosis office and am experiencing abundance without guilt. John- Houston, Tx.

  • I created a Treasure Map to assist my subconscious mind with manifesting on a physical level. I included a sign "Free Gift". I received a gift of beautiful rattan porch furniture and a riding lawn mower almost immediately after the Treasure Map was made. I also wanted a very expensive set of exercise equipment and I put that on my Treasure Map--At a garage sale, the next week, there was my equipment looking just like new. I got it for $65, equipment worth several thousand dollars. Then my taxes on my new house caused a problem until a letter came reminding me I had not taken my Homestead Exemption and I could get a refund for last years payment plus reducing this years taxes. Next I discovered my job as a construction supervisor will bring me a bonus of between $18,000 and $24,000 this year. This will be that that much more than I made last year. I know that working with the subconscious is the way to have abundance in your life. James, Houston, Texas.

  • After releasing my blocks to abundance on a cellular level, miraculous things have happened. The latest in these small and large miracles is selling my car in one day and then manifesting quickly an almost new van which I wanted, that looks and runs perfectly. The price was unbelievable. General cellular releasing© of my blocks and reprogramming with strong positive suggestion is my new way to abundance. I now recognize subconscious help and I thank my higher self. This happens all the time. One day I started to buy a product for $23.00 and didn't. Later in the same day I found the same item at a Dollar Store for $1.00. I now recognize my subconscious assistance & I don't block it. Bobbie, Kingwood Tx.

  • I released my blocks to abundance in an abundance seminar held by the Path Foundation. Then I wanted to choose something that proved that I had released myself to the "Field of All Possibilities". So I decided that I wanted to manifest a new Coach Bag (purse). I always wanted one, but not for the retail price of $300.00. They are never on sale. Shortly after this seminar, I saw a very nice looking lady selling from a table at a craft show. She was selling craft items and purses. She had a Coach purse replica that looks better than the one I wanted, so I bought it. This may sound insignificant, but this happened so quickly and it assisted my belief so strongly, that I know general Cellular Releasing does release the mental blocks. Alice, Spring, Tx.