Letters from clients about
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  • I had recurring back pain as my mother did while I was growing up. I released the back pain in Path Classes. I now use hypnotherapy in my counseling practice, and my former chiropractor refers many people to me. I used to be a regular customer of his who came in for regular tune-up visits. My release of back pain got me referrals for his long term, chronic clients. Josh-Houston, TX.

  • I came for private sessions because of high stress. I am a pediatric nurse with three small children of my own. The results after one session were phenomenal. So phenomenal that my mother took me to lunch to ask what was different. I painted a mural in my daughter's room, cleaned and had cleaned all areas of my home, and experienced a profound feeling of well-being. The session and tape work helped my entire family. My daughter now sleeps in the mural room rather than coming in the middle of the night to our room. She said she now feels safe with butterflies and flowers around her. Formerly stressed R. N.--Birmingham, Al.

  • I never slept soundly. I came to work on my sleep disorder that had started in childhood. I now sleep and I can also tolerate my stepmother. After my sister saw this new me, she also came and changed many areas of her life by the cellular releasing. Viola-Houston, TX.

  • I took the Path Classes to prepare for retirement . I was a medical technician at the time working in a hospital. I took the classes because of a demonstration I saw Dr. Martin do at a talk before a medical technician's conference. The demonstration was very impressive. I had been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome and ulcerative colitis for many years. During these classes, I underwent hypnosis and released all my pain and all the symptoms. Before I retired, I decided to see what the interior of my colon looked like. I now have a normal colon with no colitis and the medical records before and after to prove it. Dolores- Pasadena, TX.

  • I have continual stress working as a CEO. I also have had recurring migraines. I have now released all the migraines through cellular releasing. Ernesto-Houston, TX.

  • High blood pressure and early death have been part of my family history. I sought out Dr. Martin because of White Coat Syndrome. My blood pressure would go so high when I went to the Dr. that I could never get a proper level of medication. Little did I know that I would miraculously lower my blood pressure. This hypnotherapy has changed my life. I now swim every day and I handle my business activities in a relaxed, centered way. I was interviewed on Dr. Martin's T. V. talk show to tell others about it. Ernie-Conroe, TX.

  • Suffering from a hiatal hernia had been painful for me. I learned of the hypnosis at Kingwood College where the Path Foundation presented self-hypnosis classes. I came for private sessions and my life has changed from releasing these symptoms. Peggy-Kingwood, Tx.