Letters from clients about
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  • I was able to release the blocks keeping me from success. Through the PATH foundation Bar Exam Preparation Class, I was able to successfully pass the Bar Exam and with the releasing techniques in private sessions, I released my fear of success and taking tests. I have referred many people for the Super-learning Program since. (Lawyer) Ellen-Fort Worth, TX.

  • After taking the Path Courses, I began to use hypnotherapy techniques in my classroom--calling them "imaginings" with my students. My student's scores on the standardized tests showed miraculous improvement. Everyone in the school has noticed the change in their behavior, motivation, and achievement. Connie - New Caney, TX.

  • Cell Command Therapy® and cellular releasing© helped me bring my grades up in school so I could again play sports. I also found it helpful in improving my sports abilities. My mother was impressed and worked on her sales motivation successfully. Roger--Kingwood, Tx.

  • Using Cell Command Therapy® and Cellular Releasing© I have released the lingering grief and anger over my mother's death. Jennifer--Birmingham, Al.

  • I have had recurrent back and leg pain for years. The medical treatment was drugs since no physical component could be found. I was delighted when, as a class demonstration, I released the pain. The truly amazing part was when the initial cause for the pain came to my consciousness while in the hypnotic trance, the cause was a childhood experience. Later, I fell in pneumatic fluid on my job as an engineer. Situations that were similar emotionally to my childhood experience and the smell of pneumatic fluid would re-trigger the pain . I released all of that without experiencing any negative emotion. Weldon -Houston, TX.

  • I completed the Cell Command Therapy® certification program thinking I would leave teaching after 20 years. The surprise was: I changed my health, outlook, and renewed my way of teaching by my attitude. I told my story on Dr. Martin's television talk show 2 years in a row. I made so many changes by continuing to work with tapes and self hypnosis techniques that the second year video did not look anything like me in the first year. Connie-New Caney, TX.

  • I had worn a TENS unit for years for my shoulder pain. I released the pain (no physical problem other than stress had ever been found) and all the reasons for it. I am now free from the pain and the electrical stimulation unit forever. Vicki-Houston, TX.