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  • I had recurring neck and shoulder pain for years. In one session, I released this pain and began to understand the causes. I have not had a single reoccurrence.
    Alice- Houston, TX

  • We were able to restore my self esteem and confidence. I also began the process of dealing with my grief and loss. After every session, I felt so much better about my life and more determined that I would survive. With this therapy and my own personal efforts, it has been a total turnaround in my life. Ron- Houston, TX.

  • I was able to release pain that I had for 12 years, and start a new life with happiness and enthusiasm. Karen-Houston, TX.

  • Cell Command Therapy® helped my enhance my traditional treatment for lymphoma. I had no troubling side effects from the chemotherapy, and I kept an optimistic outlook. I am now in remission. Rose- Houston, TX.

  • I chose to have chemotherapy for my Stage 3 breast cancer; however, I also chose emotional support through hypnotherapy. How lucky I was to find Cell Command Therapy®. I was a demonstration subject at one of the Intensive training classes, plus I went for sessions during my cancer treatment. I was able to have treatment without horrifying side effects. I also dealt with my grief over the sudden death of my brother. The end of the story is: I am in total remission. I have left Houston, Texas and a high stress job. I now live in my home state of Kentucky and am very happy.
    Kay-- formerly Houston, TX. - Now Kentucky.

  • I came initially for stress reduction. This was so successful that I worked on my weight and success. I lost the extra weight and was named "Employee of the Year" winning a trip to the Bahamas. As you can see, my life has significantly improved through this therapy. This all was accomplished in a very short time for such remarkable results.
    Bobby- Houston, TX.

  • I had severe allergies for years. I released all symptoms and gained insight into what caused them, in a very short time.
    Ann-Spring, TX.

  • This hypnosis process provided me with Hope--a very important ingredient when experiencing treatment for a terrible disease.
    Solomon- Houston, TX.

  • I was a demonstration subject at a Cell Command Therapy® seminar. In front of a group of people I released all my arm and neck pain that had been bothering me for six months--no medical reason had been found for the problem. I gained insight into the subconscious causes. That night I was able to sleep deeply for the first time in over a year.
    Mike- Detroit, MI