The Facts about Hypnosis

  1. Going into a state of hypnosis is a very normal natural activity.
  2. Most people describe hypnosis as a restful state where they are still aware, in control,
    but very relaxed, much like the twilight time before sleep.
  3. A person hypnotized is aware of everything the hypnotist says at all times.
  4. The hypnotic subject will never forget anything, unless they agree to forget.
  5. Persons under hypnosis will always awaken from hypnosis easily.
  6. You cannot remain in hypnosis for more than several minutes unless you want to.
  7. Persons in hypnosis will remain in control of themselves at all times.
  8. No person can be hypnotized without their consent, cooperation and willingness.
  9. No one can be made to do anything they are morally opposed to during hypnosis  
     (in fact most people appear more ethical during hypnosis)
  10. Hypnosis is not a miraculous power.
  11. Hypnosis merely enables your mind to access and use your own natural healing and
    physical abilities, to assist in healing or physical accomplishment.
  12. Hypnosis allows your subconscious mind to accept positive suggestions
  13. Hypnotic suggestions can change or release unwanted behavior patterns.
  14. Hypnosis can strengthen any part of your personality or ability that you desire.
  15. Hypnosis actually strengthens the will and improves the powers of the mind.

More Facts About Hypnosis

  1. All hypnosis is self induced hypnosis, but external suggestion can trigger it.
  2. Hypnosis is not like sleep, nor is it like a zombie state or total unconsciousness.
  3. Hypnosis cannot make someone do something they don't want to do.


  1. In Hypnosis a subject can release subconscious programs that control them.
  2. In deep Hypnosis a subject can stimulate or increase healing ability.
  3. In Hypnosis a subject can improve or change any physical or mental ability.
  4. In hypnosis a subject can modify or change their emotional state or feelings.
  5. Hypnosis can release causes for fears or phobias, then permanently release them.
  6. Hypnosis can create or increase positive moods or feelings (joy, enthusiasm, etc.).
  7. Hypnosis can assist or accelerate any natural body reactions or ability.
  8. Hypnosis can permanently change habit patterns (ie: remove bad habits).
  9. Hypnosis can help release unwanted patterns like post traumatic stress reactions.

The myths about Hypnosis revealed

  • (FALSE) - In hypnosis you lose mental control or lose your willpower
  • (FALSE) - In hypnosis you lose your critical judgement
  • (FALSE) - You can remain hypnotized forever
  • (FALSE) - While Hypnotized you can be made to do something against your morals
  • (FALSE) - Hypnosis will allow demons or the devil to take over control