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Please check every quarter for our Hypnosis UPDATES "BLOG" because there will be new and interesting topics for your education and entertainment.

We have added for your enjoyment a sample of the Super Success Hypnosis CD. At the National Guild Conference this year a well known peer, Carol Denicker of New York, said in her seminar “Ed Martin has such a wonderful voice he needs to add a sample to his website.” She had said this in her talks before. This year we have added his voice to the site. (A sample of SUPER SUCCESS AND ABUNDANCE HYPNOSIS .) This link will take you to a partial relaxing session of hypnosis with Ed Martin who has been called “THE VOICE” in the hypnosis profession.

Hypnosis Healing Sessions

Our name, PATH Foundation, represents what we, acomplish in our sessions of hypnosis. We use only positive suggestion and avoid abreaction that talk therapy in the guise of hypnosis often causes. These techniques are safe, non invasive and achieve positive results within very short times.

You will know in our sessions that you have experienced a relaxing, therapeutic hypnosis session always, without any negative emotional reaction. Our mission is to enhance the quality and length of lives through this use of positive suggestion hypnosis and we have a track record of success. You can read the letters from satisfied hypnosis clients at this site.

You can experience a private session of hypnosis at our PATH Foundation Alabama Hypnosis Clinic in Southside Birmingham, Alabama or order in-home healing hypnosis sessions on CD, Oxywater Equipment or Learn HYPNOSIS through our DVD Training Program including Certification Through The PATH Foundation.

Directions to our Alabama Hypnosis Clinic for private sessions of hypnosis can be found in this site also. We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express, Medical Cards etc., and, of our course cash / check.

Offering Private Sessions of Hypnosis
in Birmingham Clinic

We have many satisfied customers who have experienced our private sessions of hypnosis at our Birmingham, Alabama, hypnosis / hypnotherapy clinic.
These have been for; Weight Loss hypnosis, Stop Smoking hypnosis, Super Learning hypnosis, Assistance with Healing through Cell Command Therapy®, Hypnosis Assistance with Child Birthing for Assisting the Birthing Process including having a healthy baby using the techniques developed by Dr. David Cheek, MD. Also Cell Command Therapy®, Cellular Releasing hypnosis, Sales Motivation hypnosis and Pain Release through hypnosis, as well as Hypnotic Release of Panic, Anxiety, Depression, or Grief. All age groups benefit from hypnosis and Children are often really good subjects. View some of our pictures and stories about Children’s Hypnosis. There is also an interesting section with pictures and stories on our Sports / Skills Enhancement Hypnosis Section.

We have fantastic results using Cell Command Therapy® and Cellular Releasing Hypnosis techniques. These techniques are powerful in enhancing all tools of healing and reaching the subconscious mind to assist in the healing process. Traditional medicine recognized the power of hypnosis and the AMA recognized hypnosis as a therapeutic modality. Recently, Pain Release has become a necessary part of vitals check in hospitals and hypnosis is one of the best tools to reduce or release pain.

Hypnosis Training Offered in Houston, Texas
and by DVD Video Training at home

We have been asked to teach Cell Command Therapy ® and Cellular Releasing hypnosis around the United States and other countries. We are the developers of these techniques of assisting healing (or any problem) in deep trance. These techniques always have positive impact on the mind and physical body with proven results.

The PATH Foundation is the creator of Cell Command Therapy® and Cellular Releasing and we are the best resource on the subject. The authors and developers of the training and the techniques of Cell Command Therapy hypnosis are: Ed R. Martin, PhD along with Cheryl Martin, MSW, who enhanced it by research and added areas of expertise.

Out of our years of practice, investment and teaching hypnosis to others, we have developed a DVD Hypnosis Training Program. This home study training program will take you directly through all the classes with. We also offer hypnosis training classes in the Houston, Texas (TX) area. Click on the Texas Hypnosis Training Section . Both programs offer full certification in hypnosis from the PATH Foundation Certification program. Reciprocal certification is available through the National Guild of Hypnotists. This training will assist you in becoming proficient in working with others whether you are adding the Cell Command Therapy® hypnosis techniques to an already existing therapeutic certification or state license or if you just want to learn and become certified in the practice of hypnosis. A major benefit of this training program is that you will be studying with the developers of these techniques and will have their full support in your learning process.

Click to see the; the Texas Hypnosis Training Section, the current Texas location, current hypnosis classes in Houston Texas (TX), the class schedules, and the instructor of hypnosis training in Texas (Houston).

Home Office in Birmingham Alabama (AL)

We are located in Birmingham, Alabama (AL). Our Hypnosis CDs and Other Hypnosis Products are sold in a secure manner through our website and warehoused at the Alabama Hypnosis Center on Red Mountain. The Alabama Hypnosis Clinic is in Five Points South in Birmingham, Alabama (AL), next door to UAB's Medical Towers Building

Please browse our topics of assistance through the in-home healing Hypnosis CDs on our website. You can also sample one of our CD’s on Super Success Hypnosis by clicking the link on the website below.

We do talks for groups including private groups, colleges, clubs, etc. If you feel your group would like to experience and learn about hypnosis including a group session of hypnosis, please inquire about having a talk at your group, college, or facility. See some of the hypnosis topics presented. Contact us at (205-322-PATH) or via email below.

Our main office was in Houston, Texas, for over twenty years. We have franchised our material and have a franchised location for hypnosis training classes in the Houston, Texas (TX) area. Clicking on the Texas Hypnosis Training Section to see some of our former students and some of the class activities. You can also view the current Texas location, current hypnosis classes in Houston Texas (TX), the class schedules, and the certified instructor of hypnosis / hypnotherapy classes in Texas (Houston).

Art Therapy & Forensic Hypnosis also available

A major part of the Hypnosis training that has been done by The PATH Foundation over the years is forensic hypnosis training. Dr. Martin is a TCLEOSE instructor for law enforcement and he also teaches it for hypnotherapists & hypnotists. Both Ed Martin and Cheryl Martin have had extensive law enforcement training over the years and Cheryl Martin has developed a forensic handwriting analysis program, a Tree Drawing Interpretation Program and a Mandala Drawing Interpretation program for subconscious or inner mind communication. After years of writing, study and research she developed a very accurate process for using handwriting and drawing interpretation to understand what is going on subconsciously with clients who come for assistance. Using these Art Therapy techniques, you can quickly develop rapport, gain understanding, see and understand motivations clearly and much more. And it all happens in a few minutes.

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Hear an excerpt from Abundance & Success Hypnosis Session Click to Hear (Abundance & Success) Hypnosis by Ed R. Martin